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Quality Embroidery Services 

Our embroidery is recognized as some of the finest crafted in Canada, a reputation we pride ourselves on. Embroidery is the the process of using thread to stitch a pattern or design on to fabric. West Coast Monograms uses only Tajima Embroidery Machines, which are manufactured in Japan and widely accepted as the industry's top brand.

Embroidery is a classic and classy way to promote your company. Custom embroidery is best for finer garments, such as jackets, golf shirts, as well as hats, sports bags, etc.

Embroidery by West Coast Monograms 
UBC Custom Embroidery by West Coast Monograms Embroidery by West Coast Monograms
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RCMP embroidery West Coast Monograms West Vancouver Embroidery
Film Production Embroidery

 Digitizing Services for Embroidery Setup 

Expert Digitizing is the first step towards quality embroidery. Many embroiderers cut corners here for the sake of saving money, and is one of the many things that separates "low cost" embroidery from quality embroidery. 


 Not every embroidery project needs to be digitized from scratch. We have an immense database where you can also choose from over 100 embroidery fonts, ideal for names, numbers, and tournaments, or browse our database of thousands of logo designs.